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Christinelund seen from the air

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Christinelund from South/East

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Christinelund with hourses

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The farmerhouse at winther time - seen from the forest


The property:

Christinelund was build in 1858 by Baroness Christine Dalgas at Stampenborg/Nysø Gods. Her son Henrik Stampe and his wife Jonna (former Drewsen) took the property in their possession, where they had four daughters.

 H.C. Andersen was a frequent guest at Christinelund and at Nysø in the period of 1851 - 1865 and a good friend of the family. Which is confirmed by his status as the godfather to all four daughter of Henrik and Jonna.

The story tells, that HCA was the reason Henrik and Jonna was brought together, as he was a good friend of the family Drewsen in Copenhagen, too. H.C. Andersen der bragte Henrik og Jonna sammen.

Their daughters Rigmor, Astrid and Christine famours picturebooks has been created during these frequent stays of HCA at Christinelund. Link to the library of Silkeborg - Christines Billedbog.

The main building is constructed by a very influential arcitect in Copenhagen at that time arkitekt Ferdinand Meldahl.

To the property of Christinelund belongs an older eastwing called the farmershouse. In 1917 there where constructed additional buildings for the farming.

At Christinelund there are a strong inviroment of history and nature - which we want to protect.

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